When you learn to live in gratitude by developing a daily gratitude practice, you will discover, as did Dr. Lisa Firestone, psychology expert and author of The Healing Power of Gratitude, that "gratitude is perhaps the most important key to finding success and happiness in the modern day." "It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful." (Brother David Steindl-Rast, Catholic Benedictine monk)



"One of the best antidotes to bitterness is forgiveness ... It is more of a gift to ourselves and permission to let go and disentangle ... It is a true act of mercy for ourselves," insists Mariah Fenton Gladis in her groundbreaking book,Tales of a Wounded Healer. Learn how developing a forgiveness practice that ultimately enables you to forgive the unforgivable is the greatest gift ... to yourself. 



Learn how to find and fall in love with your authentic self. Learn that you are enough! And, that, before you are truly capable of loving others, you must be willing to learn to love yourself! Then, develop a self-love practice, including tonglen breathing to awaken your compassion and kindness. "When we truly love ourselves, everything else in our life works." (Louise L Hay, You Can Heal Your Life)



It's truly amazing! We have the power to change the narrative in our heads. By reframing or restructuring our thoughts, by choosing to change our perspectives, we can actually change our lives. Practicing kind, loving, positive self-talk can transform our fears. Encouraging beliefs support courageous actions. By being mindful of the stories we are tell ourselves and catching ourselves in the moment, we can change those stories, and, quite literally, reshape our world. 



When we fall apart, from trauma or otherwise, we have the opportunity to decide how best to rebalance our lives. By prioritizing the areas of our lives that are most important to us and managing our time and energy accordingly, we can create a plan to best accomplish our goals, hopes, and dreams. Health, primary relationship, family, home, spirituality, sexuality, learning, career, finances, emotional well-being, play, friendships, and community service are amongst areas you may consider.



Imagine living your life with the awe, wonder, and excitement of a newborn infant. You can! Effortless mindfulness and other reawakening practices can help us to live deeper and fuller lives, in the NOW! Mindful walking and shinrin-yoku (nature immersion) can heighten all of our senses so that we are able to appreciate all that surrounds us. These practices can be used anytime, anywhere. They are good for our health and emotional well-being; good for our hearts and for our souls.