Burton experienced the trauma caused by personal tragedy and the gut-wrenching unraveling of his life when his wife was brutally murdered. And, for nearly the next decade, that horrid event triggered a series of other unforeseen traumatic events. Initially, Burton did not believe he could survive; then, he did not want to survive; but, ultimately, he managed to survive, heal, and grow. 

In the process of his own trauma recovery, Burton leveraged his background in psychology; worked with two therapists; attended personal development workshops; read many self-help books and articles; journaled his progress; and experienced spiritual awakenings and revelations. Then, many years later, hoping to help others learn from his arduous journey, Burton became a certified life coach specializing in trauma recovery and personal transformation.

Based on the client's stated needs and priorities, scope and pace, Coach Burton provides coach-guided self-help and support to trauma victims, their families, supporters, and caregivers, utilizing a strengths-based approach. Coach Burton helps clients bridge the gap between desired goals and outcomes by identifying mental blocks or patterns so that clients may overcome obstacles to making changes or shifts in their lives. Coach Burton may help clients to clarify and reach goals they previously thought to be unattainable. Together we can!!! 

Life coaches are a rare breed. While there are currently about 106,500 psychologists in North America, there are only about 15,800 life coaches. Far fewer life coaches are specialists in areas aligned with the client's specific interests. Different than therapy, the client is in charge of the life coaching relationship and the client is solely responsible for its outcomes. So clients should choose their therapist and/or life coach wisely. 

Coach Burton will support any positive change by working with clients, alone or alongside licensed professionals and/or support groups, to address issues, problems, and consequences occurring from the trauma of break-ups and/or divorce; job loss; chronic and/or invisible illness, amputations, surgeries, injuries, cancer, terminal illness, and end-of-life; chemical and/or behavioral addictions; financial reversal and distress; physical abuse; emotional abuse; child abuse; Adverse Childhood Experiences; dementia; family dysfunction; death of a loved one due to natural causes or accidents, murder, or suicide; and natural disasters or other catastrophic events. 


Coach Burton provides the support clients need to achieve and maintain a solid foundation in trauma recovery. "Trauma is not an illness to be cured by a doctor .... ultimately people must be able to take responsibility for their own recovery and for the meaning that they give to their experiences." (What Doesn't Kill Us, Stephen Joseph, Ph.D.)

Rely on family and friends. Find expert companionship and support, possibly from a therapist and/or a life coach. Create a plan for restoring your safety and empowerment. Establish a road map for healing - a process for accomplishing intentional stages of recovery over time. Learn how to move trauma out of your body, utilizing acupuncture, acupressure or energy tapping (EFT), yoga, SGB, or EMDR and/or traditional evidence-based practices (EBP), treatments, and/or medications. Acquire skills to overcome feelings of powerlessness, shame and guilt, and distrust. Reawaken your connection to humans by cultivating reciprocal, respectful relationships. Re-establish meaningful activities through work and volunteerism. Discover the healing power of reconnecting to your self through nature, mindfulness, and meditation. Avoid repeating past mistakes or patterns that may not serve you.


Coach Burton provides the guidance clients need to turn trauma into transformation in order to achieve life goals that make recovery worthwhile. Discover life-altering practices and higher spiritual paths on your journey from victim to victor. 

Embark on real (authentic) self discovery. Learn self-love, self-compassion, and forgiveness. Reawaken all the beauty that is in you and that surrounds you. Transform loneliness into connection to self, family, community, humanity, and all living things. Travel beyond happiness to finding your life's purpose. Discover how expressing gratitude and kindness to yourself and others will best serve your true self, as will volunteerism and philanthropy. 

Although Coach Burton does not focus on business coaching, clients may achieve extraordinary business success through personal transformations that develop their human potential, igniting passion and life purpose.


Burton M. Fischler, M.A., CPC, received a Master's Degree in Psychology and doctoral program teaching fellowship from New York University. After unwittingly becoming an expert in traversing life's vicissitudes - surviving trauma, healing, growing, and thriving - Burton became a Certified Professional Life Coach specializing in trauma recovery and personal transformation. He has worked as a suicide prevention counselor, on a drug detoxification unit, and psychiatric ward. Burton was a marketing and behavioral consulting firm owner; adjunct professor; instructor at The Learning Annex; financial advisor and certified financial planner. He has conducted seminars, workshops, and training programs and has written research papers, articles, blogs, books, and websites. 

As a result of personal tragedies and betrayals, Burton lost his beloved wife, lost his successful career as a wealth manager, and lost much more. In the wake of suffering, Burton’s decision to become a NYC Uber driver brought unexpected gifts of healing and spiritual revelations borne out of the experience of connecting with thousands of fellow human beings while on the road. His desire to help others survive their own suffering, tragedy, and grief motivated Burton to write his soon-to-be-published book ... 


On The Road From Pain, Suffering & Tragedy To Surviving, Healing, Growing & Thriving.